Buchanan Park Designer Interview with ADG


There are a number of reasons that the Buchanan Park town homes are one-of-a-kind. Beginning with a considerably innovative master plan, Buchanan Park is neatly intertwined in its surrounding community filled with local restaurants, shops, small businesses and passionate neighbors. Inspired by the day-to-day human interaction, Buchanan Park is carefully peppered with outdoor gathering spaces and intimate architectural instances the encourage neighborly connections. But finally, with an attempt to encompass an unparalleled essence of quality, each townhome is complete with a curated selection of interior details ranging from color palettes to cabinet finishes, wood flooring to wool carpeting.

Essentially, with the work of our entire design team, it was understood that no detail is too small and not a single design opportunity should go unnoticed. That is why we turned to the interior designers from Akseizer Design Group to ensure that our townhomes were given the very best. With their keen sense of quality and detail, this team has provided each home with an elevated design experience.


Buchanan Park: So, how long has Akseizer Design Group been in the interior design industry? Did you always practice in DC?
Akseizer Design Group: ADG was established over a decade ago in Alexandria, VA – just outside of DC. This area breeds creativity through its wide variety of cultures with diverse influences of which we are proud to engage with daily.

BP: I couldn’t agree more. Insight Property Group also makes a great effort to work with local professionals. Can you tell us how you began your work on Buchanan Park Townhomes?
ADG: Well, we have enjoyed a longstanding relationship with Insight Property Group, throughout which we demonstrated our common passion for timeless spaces with finely-stitched details.  

BP: What was it like to work with Maurice Walters Architects, Parker Rodriguez and McWilliams Ballard?
ADG: This team of consummate professionals has tilled the soil in Washington, DC by creating functional and fashionable living spaces throughout the city. It’s been a dream team for both the project and for the neighborhood, there’s no substitute for authenticity and the Capitol Hill community was universally elevated throughout the process.

BP: A completed architecture is almost like the ultimate collaboration. Between builders, architects, planners, and a wide array of designers, can you explain your process for conceptualizing the townhomes’ interiors?
ADG: A fresh take on a timeless classic. Effortless living. Design details that are as beautiful up-close as from afar. Built-in millwork at every turn. Modern convenience meets tailored comfort.

BP: In developing your concept for the interiors, what was a major source of your inspiration?
ADG: Well, it was the culture and history of Capitol Hill. We look at DC as a series of collective villages, and Capitol Hill is a highly aware group that appreciates the craftsmanship it takes to build a truly artisanal home. With that in mind, we infused extra layers of detail and texture to give each space authentic character, as though it has stood in its place for a hundred years. Nothing about these homes looks like typical new construction, yet they retain the maintenance-free benefits under the surface.

BP: Now, for Some short, fun questions, a glimpse into your design personality! What colors are you loving at the moment?
ADG: Deep blues, soft pinks, warm grays

BP: What do you think, is one thing every room needs?
ADG: A fiddle fig! Only kidding. Real answer – TEXTURE.

BP: What books are on your nightstand currently? Any recommendations?
ADG: The American Sprit by David McCullough. It’s a refreshing reminder of our country’s unifying ideas and ideals.

BP: Who is your ultimate icon; design, fashion, or otherwise?
ADG: Iris Apfel, Kelly Hoppen

ADG: If you weren’t designers, what would you be?
BP: Therapists. Some days it feels like both!

BP: Favorite drink spot in  Capitol Hill?
ADG: Beuchert’s Saloon

BP: Favorite place for a coffee?
ADG: Peregrine


Source: http://www.buchananparkdc.com/its-all-in-the-details